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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I contact you directly rather than calling the AMA/CAA line, can I still use my membership benefits?

A. Yes. We are an official AMA/CAA contractor, so your benefits will be the same as if you contacted them directly.

Q. I don’t have a license plate on my vehicle, can it still be towed?

A. Absolutely. Neither your vehicle nor your trailer requires plates or insurance to be towed safely and legally.

Q. Will towing damage my vehicle?

A. No. Our professionals have the highest level of training and our equipment is state of the art.

Q. What happens to my vehicle following an accident?

A. Our first concern is your safety and well being. We will take care of your vehicle and keep it safe for you in our secure compound. It’s going to be as simple as taking our business card and letting your insurance company know we’re keeping your vehicle on your behalf. Not at fault accidents and vehicles with collision coverage are fully covered for towing related services and storage.

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There are different tow trucks for different reasons, whether it be trade towing or crash towing.